Welcome to Tumree !

Tumree.com was established in the year 2016 with a sole motive of granting poor artisans to compete against the modern artisans. We make this potential by selling ,displaying traditional and modern artifacts. This platform took roots from an undying desire to create a larger platform for all the creativity that the artisans of India have been preserving and creating for centuries together. Artisans ought to sell their handmade products at open market prices and get a worthy return for all their hardships in creating wonderful artifacts.

Tumree's main motive is to establish long-standing relationships with the handicraft makers to give them a living for preserving our culture and tradition for decades. These crafts were safely preserved by poor craftsmen from ancestors as a wealth. It is a known fact that westernization is taking over India, thereby making people lean more towards their goods instead of ours. With Tumree, we give the artisans a platform to display their products and educate the city goers about the existence of traditional handicrafts. Every single product in Tumree has been sprung from the most forbidden corners of India that specialize in these crafts.

This online store has a unique collection, style, appeal, and utility. People who have an eye for authentic antiques can pick their favorite items from our display list. Are you looking for office decors? Home decors? Wooden toys? You name it, we’ve got it. Log on to our website to live a hassle-free life. Now, you no longer have to travel all the way to buy your favorite handicraft items, because we are just a few clicks away.

We, at Tumree, now offer you a warm welcome to the world of Indian Artisans to help make our tradition and culture last long.

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