Do you want to make your passerby look at your garden? I did want them to look at mine. So was just going through terracotta pot decoration ideas which where just stunning. So i thought i could share my most favorite ones with you. Hope you will love them too!

Two Toned Flower Pot

Want to make your garden look more trendy? Try using a two in one shades of colors for your terracotta pots. A mix of lemon yellow and pure white makes your pots look classy.

Two toned flower pots


Rainbow Pour Pot

Gardening with kids is always fun. A messy mix and match of colors will make your kids go crazy.

Rainbow Pour Pot


Wooden Stubbed Pots

Did you know? Cutting and pasting of small pieces of wood can make your pots look unique and pretty! Try them out and feel the difference.

image -2


Ikat Pots

Impressions of colors always create beautiful designs. Try out tattooing your terracotta pots and create a new style of designs to them.

Ikot Pots Decoration


Marble Pots

Merge your favorite colors and create one wonderful texture of design to your pots. Sky blue and white gives it an elegant look which will make your garden look more serene.

Marble pot Decoration


Chalkboard Pots

Want to have your own little pot family? Then chalkboard pots are one of a kind. Try them out and make your gardening more fun.

Chalkboard pot decoration


House Number Pots

Make your garden of a better use by mentioning your house number on your pots.

House Number Pot Decoration


Ombre Pots

Fade in and fade out of colors usually gives a new look. Try out this amazing technique and make your pots an eye catcher.

Ombre pot


Flower Cover Pot Decoration

Flowers are always an eye catcher to many. Make your pots look cute and pretty by giving this artistic work.

Flower cover pot decoration


Puffy Printed Pot Decoration

Add a spark and glitter to your pot. Puffy printed terracotta pots are always decorative and different in style.

Puffy printed pot decoration


HandPrint Paint Pot Decoration

Want to make your terracotta pot memorable? Use hand prints of your favorite people and decorate your pot easily and differently.

Hand print paint pot


Shell Flower Pots

Bring the feel of seashore to your place by adding oceanic touch to your plants.

Wooden Stubbed Pots


Newspaper Flower Pot

Easy and simple touch to your flower pots which makes them look unique. Wrap it up with a newspaper and give it a classy look.

newspaper pot decoration


Confetti Flower Pots

All that glitters is not gold. But this confetti flower pot decoration makes it all glitter in gold. Designing them in white pots is said to be of a better choice.



Knitting Flower Pot

Did you know that you could do so much of decoration to your pots with wool? Make it easy and creative by using this idea to decorate your terracotta pots.

Knitting flower pot


Rope Covered Flower Pot

Add a personal touch to your garden with this modern rope covered flower pot.

Modern Rope Wrapped Pot


Dont brood if your pots are broken,we have suggestions for you to aggrandize your garden , check this Diy ideas to put your broken flower pots to use


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